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    Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, South Carolina

    Whitetail Deer  Hunting

    Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge was founded in 1985 in the Lowcountry of South Carolina on Lakeview Plantation in
    a region generally considered by wildlife biologists to contain "the best deer habitat in the world". The owners,
    Hayward and Dona Simmons, would therefore have been able to maintain an abundant white-tailed deer
    population without any manipulation of the deer herd or habitat. However, the natural capacity of the habitat
    alone did not meet their objective of remaining profitable and being able "to provide the highest rate of hunter
    success on quality deer in the country".

    As a result in 1985, they implemented a broad based habitat management program and an unlimited year-round
    supplemental feeding program designed to enhance all types of wildlife, especially white-tailed deer. Since that
    time Lakeview Plantation has evolved into one of the most intensively managed hunting properties in the

    The bottom line is that when the broad based habitat management program and unlimited year-round feeding
    program were combined with the incredible habitat, Hayward & Dona were able to maintain one of the highest
    documented concentrations of quality deer in the country (densities exceeding 200 deer per square mile), which in
    turn allows them to meet their goals.

    They further insure the success of their clients by targeting prime hunting times with appropriate "rest periods"
    between hunts in order to provide the highest opportunity for success. As a result, Cedar Knoll customers
    experience a success rate of well over 100% on bucks with a 70% success rate on bucks 2.5 years or older,
    averaging approximately 8 points and 15 inches in width.

    In summary, the folks at Cedar Knoll take quality game management and providing their guests with a quality
    experience seriously and as alluded to above allow for "rest periods" between prime hunting periods to allow the
    animals to return to their normal routines. Come enjoy their warm Southern hospitality and an opportunity to
    relax in a unique setting.
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Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, South Carolina
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